This young ensemble of full-blooded musicians has been performing together since 2008. Together they arrange their music and try things out, venture down new paths and discard them again. Each member brings their own ideas, origins and language into play, resulting in the inimitable Yxalag style. Their delicate feel for energy, form and flow is seared into their music and compositions. The listener is moved, summoned to dance, but also made to stumble and stimulated to reconsider his preconceptions.

Rooted in klezmer, the traditional Jewish folk music from eastern Europe, the musicians sketch out their own musical impressions. A classical music training and a jazzy, improvised connection to music characterise their playing and enrich the usual klezmer palette with new colour. Their spirited performance centres around the preservation of fire as commended by Mahler. They transcend the borders of genre, tear down walls and leave the beaten track far behind them. Their music embodies a Europe without borders and without prejudices. Nothing stops the flight of the Yxalag crane.

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