Classical Crossover

Demarcation and exchange between the arts.
The arts as an expression of culture.
Culture as a precondition of living together in any form.
Classical Crossover is music, art, literature, life.
Respect for very different cultural traditions.
Curiosity about the fascinating other.
Building bridges and overcoming borders.
Classical Crossover is music of the world.
GermanPops burns with the vision of bringing together apparent opposites. With the foundation of the GermanPops Orchestra in May 1999, a body of sound came into being that brings intensely different projects to life, supports, promotes and reconsiders them in a flexible, passionate and individual way. The gpARTS music label, formed in 2010, illuminates its individual stations and fuels its progress.
Classical Crossover is classical, folk, jazz, world, pop music.

Classical Crossover is life.

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