Programmes as duo, tango ensemble or with orchestra
Raul Jaurena, Bandoneon
Bernd Ruf, Clarinet
They have known each other for 18 years. They have played together in the Tango Five ensemble at the great tango festivals in Montevideo and Buenos Aires. They have given concerts in New York, Tiflis, Vienna and Berlin, and have recorded a total of four tango-suffused albums with Tango Five. The music of the Jaurena Ruf Project developed from the point at which tango, classical music, klezmer and jazz meet. And the element that unites all their music is improvisation.
In 2010 they released their first duo CD TANGO TALES - PARA VOS Y PARA MI, which was marvelled at by audiences and critics alike because of the unique harmony of the two instruments. It is an album that debates life from birth to death, friendship and lost love. A second, equally praised CD ANGEL BAILARÌN followed in September 2012. With songs from Gardel, Troilo, Villoldo and Melo, it juxtaposes classical compositions with the newly composed tango fables of Raul Jaurena. The dancing angel - ANGEL BAILARÌN – represents the charm, lightness yet earnestness of their evocative music. Quietly haunting and joyfully jubilatory tones tell stories pulled from the midst of life, poetic and sensual. Since September 2015, the CD PIAZZOLLA & JAURENA- HISTORIA DEL TANGO completes the Tango Tales trilogy with compositions from Astor Piazzolla and Raul Jaurena, two tango masters, who each traced his own path to Tango Nuevo. Two bandoneonists, who were well acquainted, played together and whose music now traces the history of tango on this album through the interpretation of the Jaurena Ruf Project.  
Tango Tales features tango classics and new compositions from Raul Jaurena, musical conversations and monologues that touch the soul in their intimacy, intensity and simultaneous candour. They tell of life, directing the thoughts of their listeners and giving them space to soar. Tango, classical, klezmer and improvisation merge here in a chamber music for heart and soul.


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